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Hymen = Virgin Membrane

Hymen and Virginity, Page 2.
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Subjective opinion:
I am a virgin with an intact hymen.

Meaning: I never had sexual intercourse
and my hymen has not been injured (stretched and/or torn)

Question 1.

Were you protected well enough in your infancy and early childhood?

Question 2.
Did you ever lose consciousness or experience a period of being dazed and confused  because of an injury to your head, coma or consciousness impairing disease or intoxication (i. e. alcohol, substance)?

If answer is yes:  were you protected well enough  a time when you had little/none control over you body?

Question 3.
Did you ever masturbate or have had a direct sexual contact
 involving stimulation of your vaginal vestibule

If answer is yes: do you realize how is it easy to damage the hymen when having stimulated the vaginal vestibule instead of the clitoris only? A strong sexual excitement not uncommoly switches off any control over one's own behaviour and a finger, object or penis can just slip into the vestibule, find easily its unwanted path to the hymen and within a second do an irreversible damage. Of course, only penis can devirginize, i.e. take virginity, but is hardly possible to distinguish whether the hymen has been spoiled by a penis in an act of defloration  or by a finger or an object. Some professional assumptions following thorough examination can be justified though.

Do you care about the hymen?
Do you value virginity until marriage?

Not all people do. But if you do it is OK.
This is nobody's business to change your mind.

If so, a simple question must be answered:

who/what are you? or who/what is you bride?
Only one of the four answers is correct:
Lady A ........... virgin with intact hymen
Lady B ......... virgin with spoiled hymen
Lady C .  ex-virgin with "intact
" hymen
Lady D ... ex-virgin with  spoiled hymen

A must read for those who want
 the truth you will find here:

 Dr Halat’s arguments against

non-professional virginity testing
clok here
= never had coitus
Ex virgin
= had coitus at least once
Hymen Intact Lady A
Lady C
Spoiled Lady B
Lady D

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