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Hymen = Virgin Membrane

Hymen and Self-Pleasuring, Page 2,
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Feeling unhappy? Take care of  your brain chemicals.  

neurotransmitters: abundance, satisfactiry level, deficiency
neurotransmitters: abundance, satisfactory level, deficiency

The satisfactory level of  brain chemicals obtained  by marital  coitus is a reward for all  efforts done by husband and wife for establishing a harmonious family and raising happy children

"Sexual intercourse and the sexual relationship with a legal spouse are governed by nature, and at the same time is a sunnah of the Prophets and the Ahlul Bayt (as). It has even been referred to as the most pleasurable thing in life. A group of companions and Shī‘as of Imām as-Sādiq (as) narrate that the Imām asked us: “What is the most pleasurable thing?” We said: “There are many pleasurable things.” Imām said: “The most pleasurable thing is making love with (your) spouses.”"
Sexual Etiquette in Islam in "From Marriage to Parenthood: The Heavenly Path" by Abbas and Shaheen Merali

Is fornication or masturbation an earned reward? Not at all.
Unearned reward? No. Thanks. It's demotivational.

Unearned reward?
No. Thanks.
It's demotivational.

Providing with something valuable for nothing, or giving an unearned reward  to those who do not deserve it, is demotivational. Without motivation people are not capable to achieve goals. Motivation is the willingness to expend a certain amount of effort to achieve a particular goal. (Biehler, R. & Snowman, J. (1990) Psychology Applied to Teaching, 6th edn. Boston: Houghton Mifflin)

Motivation being rooted in a basic need to minimize physical pain and maximize pleasure, can be easily devastated by factors which undermine, weaken, or break the link between effort and reward.

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What are other than sex ways of taking care of own brain chemicals
It depends on which branch of the Happiness Tree you want to ascend.

If you wish to occupy the same branch as your dog, there is a multitude of bodily pleasures you may wallow in; some of them like exercising are strong boosters of brain chemicals comparable to orgasming.

If you wish to take advantage of your human nature, and climb up those higher branches which are reserverd for humans persons only, you may and can do it any time; even starting from the most miserable condition you can quickly deserve enjoying the top branch of the Happiness Tree.

Just a matter of choosing such a stimulus which you recognize as pleasantly attractive and worthy to follow by your hedonetropic nature.

The bottom line of the greatest achievements is nothing else but hedonetropism which bears good fruits if right stimuli are chosen and smart  responses to them are employed.

Are you a virgin fascinated with sex? You are not alone. But instead of looking for moronic advices kind of 'how to lose your virginity' (far more stupid than 'how to lose your money' because the lost money you can replace with a new amount earned and virginity once lost is lost forever) or becoming a porn star of the internet due to masturbatory video shows intended for your sweetheart only (who proves to be not so trustworthy soon after breaking), you can transmute your favourite sexual stimulant  into creativity, increased productivity, happiness, health, confidence and power as a virgin expert in the field of human sexuality providing your peers with the best knowledge, skills and motivation in such essential themes like "How to stay virgin until marriage" and "How to establish a happy family". 

Certainly, self-pleasuring this way creates no risk to the hymen wholeness in not-yet-married persons; in contrary, makes them immune against efforts of sex-obsessed maniacs who intend to reduce human beings to the level  of animals.

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