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Hymen = Virgin Membrane

Hymen and Law, Page 2.
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Kranzgeld, wreath money

Kranzgeld, wreath money, is money paid by a man to a woman as a fine on having sexual intercourse with her under the pretence of an offer of marriage which is then withdrawn. Without her virginity her expectations to gain a good match for a husband would diminish considerably. As the fiancée would have gained the protection of her status as a wife, the money is a tribute or reconciliation to her. In Germany, the paragraph §1300 of the family law, part of the civil code Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch (BGB), was abolished on May 4, 1998 and this means that  Kranz ( i. e. wreath, symbolic hymen) deserved there its legal explicit protection till the end of 20th century.

§ 1300 BGB lautete:
(1) Hat eine UNBESCHOLTENE Verlobte ihrem Verlobten die Beiwohnung gestattet, so kann sie, wenn die Voraussetzungen des § 1298 oder des § 1299 vorliegen, auch wegen des Schadens, der nicht Vermögensschaden ist, eine billige Entschädigung in Geld verlangen.
(2) Der Anspruch ist nicht übertragbar und geht nicht auf die Erben über, es sei denn, daß er durch Vertrag anerkannt oder daß er rechtshängig geworden ist.
Die Paragraphen §§ 1297-1302 BGB bestehen weiterhin. Daraus lassen sich eventuelle monetäre Ersatzansprüche (Schadensersatz, Rückgabe von Geschenken) ableiten. Auch die Verjährung der Ansprüche ist in § 1302 BGB geregelt.
§ 1300 Civil Code was:
(1) If an INNOCENT fiancée allows her fiancé the cohabitation, she may, if the requirements of § 1298 or § 1299, also because of the damage that is not pecuniary, demand a fair compensation in money.
(2) The claim is not transferable and does not go to the heirs, except that he recognized by treaty or that it is pending in court.
The sections are § § 1297-1302 BGB continues. It can be any monetary compensation (damages, return of gifts derived). The validity of claims in § 1302 BGB regulated.

Wreath is a symbolic replica of the thickened, sleeve-like, redundant, fimbriated hymen and as such has been used for millennia to symbolize virginity in Slavic people see here

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